The Navajo Community Benefit Fund

Investing in communities to create a stronger future for coming generations


NTEC understands that community projects are essential to building better and stronger communities. Since the Community Benefit Fund was launched in 2016, it has supported dozens of community projects, awarding more than $400,000 to over 50 projects.

Each year, NTEC opens the application period with an informative workshop. The workshop helps applicants understand the goals of the Fund and how to apply.

While Navajo Mine operations provide the essential needs for communities today, the Community Benefit Fund is another way NTEC keeps an eye on the future to ensure that emerging social, economic, and environmental needs are addressed in a self-sustaining manner.


The applicant must meet the following guidelines, if applicable:
  • 501(c)(3) non-profit organization tax-exempt letter
  •  Approved education or community-based entity with an existing operating budget
  • All project selection and awards are made at the discretion of NTEC’s Selection Committee, and application submission will not in any way create a right, entitlement, or contract to any program submitting a project proposal.
    All eligible entities and organizations may submit only one application per funding year. Applicants must meet the Navajo Community Benefit Fund guidelines for determination and award. No carry over funding is allowed.

    How to Apply

    Mailed submissions will not be accepted. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all application and supporting documents must be submitted electronically. A fillable PDF application with supporting documents can be sent to the email listed below:

    Activities Not Eligible

    •  Applications from political organizations and campaigns of elected officials
    •  Research projects
    •  Projects seeking funding for capital assets (such as buildings, vans or equipment)
    •  Projects led by people under 18 years of age
    •  Applications from religious organizations for religious purposes
    •  Applications from government agencies for projects that do not directly benefit the community, except for Navajo Nation Chapters
    •  Applications from Environmental Advocacy Group or affiliates to fund lawsuits or operational expenses
    •  Recurring expenses caused by shortfalls in government funding
    • Travel costs/ travel-related expenses including but not limited to: Air fare, bus tickets, meals, accommodation, mileage and car rentals
    •  Entertainment costs associated with travel (e.g., travel to events, etc.)
    •  Requests that benefit an individual or small group of individuals
    •  Individual benefits such as salary, stipends, wages or consultant fees
    •  Incomplete or late applications
    •  For profit organizations

    Contact Us.

    For more information please email Cortasha Upshaw at