Community Heating Resource Program

Welcome to the Navajo Mine Community Heating Resource Program

Welcome to CHRP

Thank you for a successful CHRP Season!

We look forward to the opening the 2024-2025 season this fall!

Each year, NTEC provides Navajo chapter and Hopi village members the opportunity to obtain free coal. Navajo Mine takes great pride in this long-standing tradition.

The Navajo Mine has been distributing free coal to the neighboring Navajo community since the 1980’s. In 2016, NTEC assumed management of the program and continued to provide free coal to the chapters surrounding the Navajo Mine.

The Community Heating Resource Program (CHRP) provides free coal from the Navajo Mine to all Navajo chapters and Hopi villages and their members. The program has been in place since 2017, but with the closure of Kayenta Mine, NTEC realized the program needed to be dramatically expanded. To date, thousands of Navajo people and several Hopi villages have benefited from the program.
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The CHRP is open to all Navajo and Hopi chapters.

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