Empowering People

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We empower employees, people, and the communities where we live and operate. As neighbors, we give time, resources and financial support to the people and organizations that help our communities flourish. Those we interact with are treated with respect and compassion.

Community Heating Resource Program (CHRP)

Community Heating Resource Program (CHRP) provides free coal from the Navajo Mine to all Navajo Chapters, Hopi villages, and their members.

With the closure of Kayenta Mine in northern Arizona in 2018, NTEC recognized the critical need to ramp-up the availability of coal for Navajo and Hopi families across the two Nations. Thus, CHRP was expanded to meet this increased need. CHRP was designed to accommodate a variety of distribution methods – including individual allotments and bulk coal deliveries – to meet the unique needs of every community it serves.

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NTEC is a proponent of K-12 education and proudly supports Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) activities in the communities in which we operate. Many of these school-based activities are designed to show elementary, middle, high school, and college students the possibilities of a STEM-related career.

NTEC is committed to advancing educational opportunities for Navajo students in STEM fields and vocational programs. Since 2013, NTEC has worked to create new and innovative ways to increase the knowledge-base of students regarding mining career pathways based in STEM-related fields.

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We provide direct support to community members in the form of scholarships to attend partner educational institutions, including South Dakota Mines, Navajo Technical University, Northeast Arizona Technological Institute of Vocational Education (NATIVE), San Juan College, and many more.

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The Navajo Community Benefit Fund

The objective of the NTEC Community Benefit Fund is to create sustainable, long-term value for the communities in which NTEC operates and to ensure lasting social, environmental and economic benefit.

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Community Support & Improvement Projects

Across its footprint, NTEC works to be a true neighbor—meeting communities where they are and working together to solve problems and empower people.

NTEC is working with the Crow Nation on a solid waste improvement project. Located in the Crow Nation District of Wyola, NTEC is working with the community and legislative leaders to rebuild and improve the solid waste site with a new fence, solar parking lot lights, and a small construction work trailer for personnel.

NTEC is also proud to support community service organizations including King’s Portion (Douglas, WY), The Food Group (Sheridan, WY), Council of Community Services (Gillette, WY) and San Juan United Way and Navajo United Way (Farmington, NM).