San Juan County, NM on the Navajo Nation


Tocito Dome Field began operations in the 1970s with a current production capacity of  2 million cubic feet per day. In addition to the Tocito Dome Field infrastructure, NTEC Helium also has Federal and State leases for additional exploration in Utah. NTEC Helium uses state of the art, noninvasive geotechnologies to enable identification of sites offering the best opportunity for sustained production over time.

NTEC Helium Key Facts

Type of Helium:  7% Helium (one of the cleanest deposits on earth)
Type of Operation: Surface Wells

NTEC Helium’s Direct Benefits to the Navajo People in 2022

  • $1.3M combined mineral royalties and severance taxes to the Nation
  • Reclamation and sealing of abandoned oil wells from 40s & 50s


Conscientious Energy Development


Empowering People

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