On day 63 of operations and several weeks of the 2020-21 heating season still ahead, NTEC’s Community Heating Resource Program (CHRP) provided its 10,000th ton of free coal for the first time in a season.  The 10,000th ton went to an employee’s grandmother.

NTEC’s CHRP Program has provided:

  • 10,000 tons on day 63 of operations this season.  Last season, NTEC operated for 107 days and distributed 8,500 tons, including COVID support.
  • More than 100 tons of coal have been provided to COVID relief groups this season.
  • Through today, it has taken more than 1,700 man-hours to run the program this season.
  • The CHRP provides 10 full-time jobs for the season.  All 10 of those positions are filled by Navajo.
  • By the end of next month, the program will have spent $1.1M between operating and providing the coal.
  • More than 8,300 vehicles have been loaded this season without incident or accident.