LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Navajo Transitional Energy Company (NTEC) was named American Indian Business of the Year during a luncheon at the annual Reservation Economic Summit (RES) 2020 on March 5.

The National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIED) presented the award at a conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. NTEC was represented by its Board Chairman Tim McLaughlin, Board member Aaron Rosetta, and staff members Jarvis Williams and Erny Zah.

“We are honored that NTEC has been named American Indian Business of the Year,” said McLaughlin during his acceptance speech.

McLaughlin’s speech focused on the committement NTEC has to the people and land.

“NTEC is not your typcical energy company. Our greatest attribute, the essence of what sets us apart, is our profound obligation, our sense of duty, to the Navajo Nation – to provide opportunity for our people, Navajo and non-Navajo- and to the land, now and in the future. Ths obligation guides us in everything we do,” McLaughlin said.

For immediate release: March 6, 2020 P.O. Box 11, Farmington N.M. 87499 4801 N. Butler Ave., Building 2000, Farmington, N.M. 87401 “We are proud of the work we do at NTEC. We strive every day to bring value, success, and opportunity to the Navajo people,” said NTEC CEO Clark Moseley in a written statement. NTEC was presented with the award by NCAIED President and CEO Chris James.

“Navajo Transitional Energy Company is a deserving recipient of the American Indian Business of the Year award. The company is a shining example of how a tribe can take its economic future into its own hands and develop resources to benefit members of the tribe. The National Center commends NTEC’s work, commitment to both its own community and all of Indian Country, and its leadership in energy,” James said in a written statement.

Thursday’s honor is the latest in a series of awards NTEC has recieved this year for its safety, reclamation activities, local community programs and business practices. Most recently, NTEC earned the Interstate Mining Compact Commission’s (IMCC) 2020 National Mineral Education Award in the Public Outreach Category.