Farmington, NM—August 21, 2020—Over the past week, news in the southwest and California has been dominated by record demand for power and the threat of blackouts. Navajo Transitional Energy Company (NTEC) is helping ensure a steady supply of reliable power, while also reducing their own power demand. 

NTEC, a diversified Navajo Nation-owned energy company, supplies coal for vital baseload power produced at the Four Corners Power Plant on the Navajo Nation. 

Over the last week, power demands have reached such a critical point that Arizona Public Service (APS) has sent letters and made calls requesting that its major industrial customers reduce power demands at key points in the day.  NTEC is doing its part by powering down mining equipment to free up power for consumer electricity. 

At the same time, NTEC is closely reviewing mining operations to ensure an ample supply of coal to Four Corners Power Plant (FCPP) to meet the unprecedented demand. FCPP supplies consistent reliable power at all hours and provides grid reliability and stability. 

NTEC will continue to supply coal to produce a reliable, round the clock, source of baseload power—keeping our hospitals running, our homes cool, and our food safe.